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I hope this is the year that makes up for the time I wasted away …

attractive person: hi
me: is this some kind of sick joke

You have to leave someone be when all they want is to play petty cause they’re hurt

cause by the end of the day … I have love no matter what … from people who just want me be to happy

And that’s how anyone wins… just say fuck it and smile through it all

I mean c’mon
Bullshit is only temporary, it only lives as long as you let it

When you notice someone is trying too hard to get a rise out of you… and the only thing that is getting to ME is the lack of respect for those, our friends, who tried hard to have them around and it wasn’t even worth

There’s a difference.

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When your food finally cools down



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This guy… seriously let me rephrase this man
So incredibly to determine to thrive and follow the way to his dreams
I fucking admire him.