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You’re the worst, s01e03

the foundation

I try to keep chill as possible. This body, had only the goal of health, but was built on the foundation of anger.

I will never stop, I ignore the pain, cause the pain will never end



Can I please have this?

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No distractions

At some point, I hope to sit outside finding art in nature, treated kindly by bud, alone holding the hand of that someone…
And there’s nothing to distract us. We’ll forget our phones. And we’ll just have that moment to drink in and each other to fucking drown in.

Take me to the woods
Watch the sun
Talk about weird shit
Make fucking love to me

vastcunt asked: Vampire & siren

Vampire(*mortality why or why not) — that’s a hard one, it’s a toss up. I love the idea of having forever time…. to do life right, but what is the time worth having if eventually people you grow close to or encounter get release and don’t have to be engulfed by loneliness

Sirens(*make anyone do anything) — I can’t help but say make everyone be honest or fuck me when I say… or don’t be an asshole making them be good to others, but that’s not fair… can’t play god, but I could try to keep balance, Dexter without the murder.

Whoa… aqua man is dealing with some shit

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