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My nephew Ezio is so cute… as you can tell.
Honestly, he was just repeating everything I was saying… I could have even said “you’re poop”


Somewhat a big kid

Finished laundry
Worked out
Laughed a lot
Mood not even affected by insecurities
I’ve been avoiding his attempt of hurtful shit… cause all
I have is “no animosity, just clarity”

to be free… not feeling small
Not phased by my own guarded crazy wall
Feel like I’m conquering
Yet taking those baby steps to reach where I am going to be

I appreciate the ache of time going by erratically
Means I have a “keep up mentality”
Things can be forever slow
But that defines time where I can free fly when I feel low

I’ll get there

My attempt to brag about myself somewhat in this thing^